About MyDoctor 1

About MyDoctor

The MYDOCTOR Aesthetic Clinic was founded in 2012 by a group of new generation doctors who were educated overseas and have always been international oriented. We differentiated ourselves with the latest innovative technologies, constant improved knowledge and family-like service. MYDOCTOR Aesthetic Clinic has always put our patient’s health and satisfaction as our priority.

Our philosophy entails making every effort to endsure patient safety and attempt to match surgical goals with realistic. We are a one stop service applying a combined approach of plastic surgeons and dermatologists. The single most important factor in successful cosmetic surgery is the selection of our plastic surgeons. Combining artistry and science together, we prefer our patients to walk out with refined natural look, not an artificial appearance.

Most highly asked treatment at MYDOCTOR Aesthetic Clinic! Especially Singaporean, American, Japanese, Hong Kong, Macao and China friends willing to try! Dr. Luke Chung-Li Huang is highly sought after by his oversea patients and for 8 years, was a visiting consultant to more than 10 aesthetic/surgery clinics in many countries.